The greatest thing about our age and time is that you can go out wearing anything you want.
I mean, really, anything you want.

It is a precious freedom, that few of us appreciate.
I often marvel at the endless possibility to be who you want to be and to express yourself through your style and choice of attire.

Grab an item, style, whole outfit from another time and era and you can rock it... trail it...or whatever.

So if I am in romantic velvet dress kind of mood, reminiscent of years long gone, slow dance by candlelight and timeless beauty and femininity, I know where to find them.

Or cutting edge stylish pieces that make me look sexy like a Sci-Fi movies hot chick.

Another option - quirky workout items, like the fitness goddess straight out of the 80ies...

And having a place, where I can dig it all out is even better.

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