A woman has many faces: the girl, the working independent woman, the seductive lover, the housewife,...
And in one day I might have to play all of them. So I have to  dress accordingly. Starting with today.

What to go for?
Mornings are cool, but the spring sun is begging for a dress. A comfy sporty number grabs my attention.

I have a busy workday in a youthful office, where I will probably spend the day having meetings with colleagues and  customers, jumping in and out of heated discussions, tapping frantically on the computer, may be sweating a little, while  chasing a deadline, then going out for lunch in the neighborhood...and repeat in the afternoon.

Wearing it, I will be as charming as a girl, with a an easy-chic innocence, while the free shape and casual nonchalance of the dress will let me be as productive as ever in my workday environment...and I know that my boyfriend, when he comes and picks me up for lunch, will appreciate it.

And it is comfy enough to let me play at being a domestic goddess for him.

Charming, yet elegantly efficient.

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