Are you ready to roll...on the soft green grass?
You can spread a blanket if your don't want to stain your clothes.
Аt any rate, I am up for a weekend choice of attire.
Sexy, fit and verrrry comfortable.

Dark grey fit leggings and body-clinging blouse, which is a fantastic combination, suitable both for the gym and for a sporty casual outfit in your relax time. Тhe pièce de résistance in the the outfit are the open elbows and  knees, which give them a somewhat naughty vibe.
Combined with a casual light vest, it keeps me warm under the afternoon spring sun.
The solid color gives me plenty of opportunities to match with bright and unforgettable accessories so that I still have my personal touch of unique and original style.
Another comfortable trendy wear are the camouflage pattern pants, which whisper tales of adventure and wild day partying.

Before I know it, here comes the evening, a bit chillier and with a plan for a some bar hopping.
I want to keep the style, but dress it up a little - so extra-long elongating leggings, with a leather front an asymmetric turtle neck hoodie is the winning combination.
I enjoy my spring fashion choices. Do you?

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