What is your favorite type of pants?

Mine are shorts, because they mean summer. Hot weather and sun. Sea and fun.

I admit, they are a bit early yet to wear, but it is great fantasizing about a walk along the beach in these sexy wear.

I don't mind stocking on some to hurry the summer. As the saying goes, anticipation is half the pleasure of experience.

I like the drop crotch trend in shorts because they are so comfy and give freedom to movements.

In any combination with a top or a shirt or a tunic they are so enticingly easy to wear, to sit on the sand or just dance.

And they are fit for the office on a smoldering hot day as well, if you choose an elegantly cut pair such as the large pockets shorts. Difficult to imagine? Match with a loose white shirt and there you go. Elegant and stunning, while undeniably sexy.

Or just go with the summer feel and show as much skin as possible with a tank top and denim crops.

Embrace the carefree spirit and sexy nonchalance of the sunny days to come in a pair of loose and naughty shorts.

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