A specific taste of freedom and abandon comes with the warm and fragrant spring air.
 I unzip my jacket, let my hair fly in the wind, mixed with flower petals.

A new spurt of energy fills me up and I am ready to party on.

I scroll through the list of events that require my precious attention.  An afternoon art exhibition opening catches my eye. This is a perfect venue, where I can walk hand in hand with my beau, looking at paintings and works of art under the blossoming trees.

What do I go for - sultry siren or girlish chic? How about I do both.

First, a quirky jumpsuit sounds like the right choice. It is sexy and very comfy. Maybe the short one?

Once it gets dark, of course, dance is in order, so garments that twirl and swish and do not get in the way. A combination of off the shoulder gypsy blouse and shorts, very summer like, is what I go for.

Meanwhile the sun is high up and the wind is hushed. I have a special mood boost when I choose a party outfit.
It is a form of creation and I am my personal artist.

Can't wait to get it on and get out of the door.

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